One Liners

What can you learn here ?
  • Use ramblings libraries
  • Short code snippets
  • Abbreviated explanations

Complex stuff in a few lines of code  get it now

This section is going to cover how to do complex stuff in just a few lines, mainly using the classes and modules you can find in the cDataSet.xlsm (or the Google Apps Version), which you can download here. In many cases you may not actually be using these classes, just leveraging some of their inbuilt properties and methods. They probably wont be exactly 'one liners', but pretty close.


You may need some additional VBA references, all of which are defined in the cDataSet.xlsm file. If you use that, all the references are already defined.

cDataSet class

This class abstracts data from its physical location and lays  a common object model over Excel and Google Apps Script to allow for easy migration. See How to use cDataSet to get started.

cJobject class

This class is used to make javaScript like objects available in VBA, and to convert stuff to and from jSon. See How to use cJobject for more information and is available in both VBA and Google Apps Script

cRest class

This class is used in the Rest to Excel library in order to query REST APIs and decode the responses. There is both a VBA   version and a Google Apps Script version

cPersistence class

This class is used to store data from user forms in a hidden shape to make it persistent from one use to the next.