GAS and sites

Using Google Apps Script with Google Sites

This site is hosted on Google Sites. If I were to be starting out again, I probably would do something else. When I put the first page up on this site a year or so ago, I really didn't expect to generate so much content - but now I'm here it's hard to migrate. Although Sites has improved significantly since I started to use it, it is still very restrictive in what you can do. I also have concerns about the SEO effectiveness of redirecting domains to google sites. It seems that although Google indexes it very well, Bing (and therefore Yahoo) does not, and you can't seem to get a DMOZ listing for a redirected site.

Google Apps Script

Now that I'm stuck with Google Sites, may as well see what we can do with GAS. The normal usage is to write various scripts to enhance the experience on the site, and no doubt I'll do some of that, but first I'm going to create a webapp to access the site content.

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