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Desktop Liberation and its related blog and G+ community aims to help you to use cloud based APIS and services without being constrained by your desktop software. There's a particular emphasis on Google APIs and JavaScript, but there's also plenty of Microsoft and other stuff here too.

All code here is unprotected and free to re-use. For more details see Reusing code from this site.

Color Arranger Sheets add-on

The Color Arranger Sheets add-on is now available (free) in add-ons store. If you are interested in building add-ons you might find some useful stuff here as I've open sourced the code.

Going Gas. Abridged extracts from my forthcoming book - Going Gas: from VBA to Apps Script. Featuring examples of the new Execution API.
A VBA API for scriptDB
Goa authentication.  An Apps Script library that takes care of authentication to a number of services such as Google, Microsoft, Github and others. If the service you need isn't here, ask me.
A VBA API for scriptDB
Standard noSQL interface to lots of different DBs. Abstracting the flavor of database from the code can help to postpone or change decisions about which one to use. Here's a complete Google Apps Script framework to handle standardized requests to a variety of database back ends.
A VBA API for scriptDB
A collection of Google Apps Script/JavaScript snippets. I add a new one every now and again.  A good place to start if you just want to get a feel for Apps Script, ranging from everyday simple to esoteric and obscure
A VBA API for scriptDB
Integrate VBA projects with GitHubA completely automated way of managing your VBA code, creating documentation on the fly, getting it to GitHub and creating workbooks directly from GitHub VBA code
A VBA API for scriptDB
Getting apps script projects to GitHub. Here's a completely automated way to get all your libraries, scripts and dependencies to github and keeping it all fresh.
A VBA API for scriptDB
Integrate VBA with JavaScriptRun JavaScript code directly in VBA from JS libraries on the Internet, or created locally. Opens up great possibilities for using Open Source stuff in VBA
A VBA API for scriptDB
Apps Script add-ons. You'll find the code for my add-ons here. They are all open sourced

A VBA API for scriptDB
JSON and Excel. All about using JSON with Excel. Includes VBA classes that emulate javascript objects, parsing and stringifying JSON and dealing with data from external services. Includes a data driven REST-EXCEL library, and implementation of Google oAuth2 authentication
A VBA API for scriptDB
D3. D3.js is a brilliant javaScript library for building complex interactive visualizations. Here's how to create them straight from Excel Data without needing to know any javaScript.
MAPS and Earth. Integrating Excel with Google Maps and Google Earth, including geoCoding, automatically building data driven web based apps from Excel data, and all things Geo.
A VBA API for scriptDB
From VBA to Apps Script. Migrating from VBA to Google Apps Script, or using them simultaneously can be hard to get started with. Here's a number of projects translated from VBA to GAS, javascript primers, common VBA functions rewritten in javaScript and various other coexistence tools to help you on your way
A VBA API for scriptDB
Promises and Excel. Using promises in javaScript and other languages is now the preferred way  to orchestrate the completion of asynchronous activities. Here's a promise implementation in VBA. Example includes getting data from Google Fusion tables
A VBA API for scriptDB
Color Mathematics. The mathematics of color is a complex and interesting topic. Here you'll find Google Apps Script, VBA and javascript examples of color manipulation including finding the closest match to a given color in a defined color scheme, and the infamous heatmap doughnut chart
Asynchronous GAS triggers.The quotas in Google Apps Script often get in the way of being able to do what you need to do. Here's a library to trigger multiple threads and execute them all at the same time.
A VBA API for scriptDB
Automatic VBA documentation and creation of apps script skeletons. Creating automatic documentation by examining the functions and classes in a VBA project certainly saves some work. Here you'll find how to create Google Visualization and static tables of VBA projects, serialize instances of VBA classes and create a Google Apps Script skeleton of a VBA project
A VBA API for scriptDB

You can get an index of the topics by hovering over the image below, along with some stats on pageviews and G+ popularity. Snap the index in position by clicking somewhere on it.

Since many of the hundreds of pages and examples on this site attach to and rely on external services (which may have changed or become unavailable), they may not work as initially designed - or even at all - and some may be out of date or reference deprecated services. Here are some of the other topics I've been playing around with for the past couple of years. 

Google jSon & javaScript VBA Excel  Other Stuff
Maps and Earth jSon - Excel vba Excel Connect
Maps,Earth and Excel jSon Getting started with VBA named ranges Forum
Using Google Maps How to use cJobject Get Started Snippets Array Formulas Blog
Using Google Earth Excel JSON conversion Dynamic Forms Bit Twiddling Content suggestions
Google Visualization Web Services SQL with vba Quirky Functions Scoops
Data Driven Applications jSon + Dynamic Forms One Liners Large ranges Trello
GeoCoding Cookies and Excel Recursion  Diminishing Returns Guest articles
Apps Script (GAS) Hiding data in Objects Countdown timer Equation plots in Excel Forum Gadget
VBA to Apps Script Rest - Excel library Optimization Snippets Using code from this site
Apps Script Library Rest Explorer classes How to do Stuff Other Reference Sites
Google Apps ScriptDB stringify VBA
Regular Expressions Outlook tagcloud Download Stuff
Sheet Caching cJobject JSON serialization
How to use cJobject
Step by Step Guides Downloads
GAS timers  javaScript cDataSet 
Strings and garbage Download Projects
GAS caching service VizMap javaScript Classes
Other stuff
Let GAS do the work ScriptDB as image store Color ramp library    Color Fiesta
GAS Delegation Proxy jsonp Charts and color ramps    Nearest color match
GAS and Sites  Twitter in Earth&Maps Hot doughnut    Assorted Snippets
GAS publishing Social links to sites Projects
Snippet of the day
Color Ramp scripts
Badges  Sudoku Generator

GAS color functions javaScript 'howTo' VBA autoupdate

Automatic VBA to GAS skeleton
tag clouds

Color Matching in GAS  Get Data from Outlook
GAS and sites Serving GAS to javaScript
Roadmap Generation

GAS lists and validation Color scheme explorer Auto documentation
Google Apps Scripts snippets
d3.js Module reference list    
Database abstraction with google apps script d3 and parse mashup Promises in VBA    
Displaying analytics data on site pages  Flight data from Fusion Google Oauth2 VBA authentication    
Other Googly stuff Node focus on Blogger posts Regex, scraping and visualizing    
University Rankings visualized d3 concept browser XML to JSON with VBA    
Data From Google Docs  Delegating xml to json conversion to GAS Instrumenting VBA for Google Analytics    
pinyin conversions  Oauth2 and Excel-Rest library - nosql database for VBA - noSQL database for GAS  scriptDB API for JavaScript  Data driven VBA apps with JSON    
Google Docs  Apps built with data abstraction A VBA API for scriptDB    
Gadgets  Google Apps Script HTML service Integrate VBA with Github    
Visualization tables   Canvasser Integrating VBA and Javascript    
Google Books    ChromeTrace library       
 Polymer Add-ons   
 Getting your apps scripts to Github    
 Dynamic height gadget with page popularity index    
 Displaying analytics data on site pages    
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