Configuring to use a deaddrop

Once a web page has been generated by Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth, the connection to the original data is lost - meaning that we can't get feedback from the web app back into Excel. Using ScriptDB as a dead drop we can get round this problem by instrumenting the generated webapp to write back data that Excel can subsequent read from a cloud based noSql database.

like this...

How to configure

As far as using the dead drop is concerned, you should read ScriptDB as a dead drop, since the example use case is about Integrating Excel with Maps and Earth. GoogleMappinsg.xlsm by default will not do this. To turn it on you need to change a couple of parameters in the geocoding parameter sheet, and also set up your PC to use dead drop as described here - Getting started with deadDrop.

In the markerHtml section set these parameters as below

use custom deaddrop test custom code to use
enable deaddrop TRUE if true, then deaddrop conversation will be enabled and lgged - the custom code selected should match this

How this works

I wont cover the detail of deaddrop which you can follow here, but there are customizable points in the code generated by googleMapping. The parameter sections below contain customizable code. By selecting to use deaddrop test, the custom code I have provided for that is used at the hook points in the web app. You can create your own custom code by copying the default or the deaddrop test, modifying it as required and changing the "use custom" parameter in markerHtml to point at your code entry

custom code
deaddrop test
local register

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